Fellowship: 10-10:30
Waiting on God: 10:30-12:30
Open Discussion: 12:30-1PM

Next Gathering is:
After the crisis passes…in compliance with governmental regulations.  

 We encourage all to continue meeting in like manner in various other homes.

Shutting in with the Lord is our spiritual response to the Corona quarantine.

For any questions:


Believers all over the world have always come together for prayer, fellowship, teaching and to express our love and appreciation for the Lord in worship. Some years ago, Father made us aware of how He longed for His children to be with Him regularly in an intimate face-to-face setting without asking or expecting anything of Him. He went so far as to let us know that our coming to Him primarily out of need leaves Him feeling neglected.

In answer to this longing of Father’s heart, we will be opening our home in Poriya on Thursday mornings from 10:30 to 12:30.  During that time the space will be dedicated to being before Him as living sacrifices without agenda.

The defining aspect of this gathering is that we will be with God as He is — actually with us in the room. Therefore, our words and worship will be directed to Him personally and not about Him.

Folks are welcome to come at 10:00 for half an hour of coffee and fellowship before shifting into a “vertical” mode at 10:30. During this vertical time we will refrain from personal conversations, declarations, prayers, and prophetic utterances. Afterward there will be opportunity to share anything received and enter into prayer as the Spirit leads.

All friends of the Lord are welcome to come at any time during the appointed time and stay for any length of time. 

There is a designated group of local musicians and singers that have participated in such gatherings over the past five years that will be free to minister to the Lord as the Spirit leads. We request that musical participation  be limited to those who have been part of the group to date. Appropriate use of available hand percussion instruments is open to all.  Musicians needing any kind of preparation should be set up by 10:30.

Having been involved in such gatherings since 2000, we have found that as long as we all stay in a “vertical” attitude, coming together just for Him personally, He is able to lead and direct us without human assistance. Some may feel to worship corporately, while others might prefer to be in a corner shut in with the Lord. 

If anyone departs from these parameters, we will be faithful to keep things on track. 

Whoever is aware of this gathering can invite others to join. We ask that anyone coming will have read this letter.

As a closing thought:

In our times of prayers and worship,

we often cry out with passion and longing…


Would it not be fitting that our request

would be accompanied by times and seasons of waiting–

something that costs us something?

Are we ready to wait until…?

In the days ahead, may Father find us both individually and corporately preparing for Him a dwelling place.

For a deeper understanding of the dynamics set forth, we recommend reading a short article available at: .

For the Glory of His Name,

Arni & Yonit Klein