Berlin-Augsburg and back again

In April we were on the road for almost two weeks and brought the Galilee Worship Gatherings to Germany. Together with Israelis and Germans we visited congregations in Saxony, Bavaria and Berlin. In every time of worship, in fellowship and in the hospitality that we experienced everywhere, we could sense the presence of God.

Throughout the tour, we talked a lot about praise and worship, discussed it and worshipped together. I was, once again, overwhelmed about how praise develops and His presence spreads among us when we come together without having a program, just to do something for Him.

Sacrifice was a very central motif for me throughout the trip; in the conversations and the sermons that evolved in the different stops with different people, I have been repeatedly reminded of what it means to be a living sacrifice. If we give up our lives and rise in praise as smoke we disappear and make room for God and the Holy Spirit. One of the Messianic brothers has become a true role model for me in this respect. In spite of his incredible and versatile musical talent at several instruments, as a person he completely steps back. We’re wasting our talent and giving our everything in praise, without having to await approval or applause. We’re wasting our talent for God and don’t expect from him anything in return. We’re presenting a sacrifice.

During a one-day seminar in Augsburg, we arrived at a point where the whole assembly fell silent, and we stayed for a longer time in God’s presence without anything to do or say. We’re not used to this in our busy lifestyles and in a meritocracy to just do nothing for some time. Many participants confirmed that they could spend the rest of the day like that. Also in our life of faith, we are not accustomed to doing nothing. The times in which we just enjoy the relationship with this incredible God are so precious and special!

My view on praise and on how to shape our times of worship has expanded again. What if we came together to worship and assumed that we basically do nothing? Instead of “going into praise and worship” as usual, to simply wait first and give God room? Praise does not begin at the moment in which the guitar plays the first note, but in the moment we draw back with our expectations and plans and ascend in smoke as sacrifices.

I returned to my daily life full of new impressions and I realize how it does not let go me and works in me. I am deeply grateful for all the experiences that I had and for the old and new friendships have been formed and deepened during the tour.