5. Our Vision

God is not a formula. Every day, every moment is different. The goal of the Galilee Worship Gatherings is to prepare a place for the Presence of the Lord so that God would have freedom to express whatever is on His heart. We are committed to following however the Spirit leads us. Father is longing for those who will walk with Him like Abraham, hand in hand, with eyes fixed on eternity.

Practically speaking, this means that we will corporately seek the Lord for daily direction. We have before us a varied menu of possibilities: from worship to prayer to focused intercession… waiting, listening, being with local believers… going to spiritually significant places… and simply fellowshipping with one another. As we come with no agenda of our own, presenting ourselves as living sacrifices and poured-out offerings, God faithfully makes His agenda known. A key element is that everyone’s thoughts, feelings, and impressions matter. Transparency is crucial. Regardless of physical or spiritual age, we are equally able to recognize the witness of the Holy Spirit. Though the gathering is strongly centered on worship, it is definitely not for musicians only. It’s for anyone who wants to take a time and be totally set apart for the Lord. As we seek nothing for ourselves in any way, the reality is that such a time will invariably have an effect on our lives, our work, our burdens and our nations. When the way is prepared, the Lord comes. And when He comes things happen.