Lukas Testimony

In all this preparation for this trip and during the time I got a very strong impression of peace and secureness. And because of all things that might have been difficult and out of control.

It starts with:

  • How to prepare myself, who am I, why am I going, what do I want to give
  • how to gather the group and find a similar base of unity and vision, 
  • to know what is needful, 
  • to open the heart for something you don’t know and don’t even know how it will be like, 
  • to expect nothing and accept everything, 
  • to know what to do without having a plan, 
  • to be a leader without giving directions, 
  • to be responsible for what God is doing or ‘just’ to respond in the right way  to what God is doing,
  • to lose myself to give HIM the place 
  • to lay down my being and being incomplete, to be complete in Him

Yes, it is all about doing less of the things which are holding God far away from us and our surrounding! He is waiting for us and when we respond in simply being patient before Him, He will have His place. When we respond to what He is looking for, He will respond! And only in this order it will be for our goodness. So that is one reason for seeing less of Him in our mid. First we have to submit to His heart and He will take care of everything else. It will not happen casually. I always experience that we have to make an ‘active decision’. 

God always will be faithful to what He has promised, He will not change even if there could be alternatives in our point of view. We have to know Him and accept His plan. He has chosen the people of Israel to reveal Himself. What has Jesus done? The only and first pure and clean Jew? He revealed the Father in all of His being! All of us know that we as followers have to reveal the Father again, to the people of Israel! Where should we reveal Him, when He is gathering His people in the promised Land? God wants to visit them in our shoes, as Paul wrote – in their mid! When we as nations relate to Him, He will rest with His presents among us and them.

This time and trip was all about making the place for Him, to ‘have’ worship as the only mighty weapon instead of going on like before, and also to worship in the spiritual world. The strongholds are in our mind said Paul.

God is worth it, to step out of our construct of understandings, to ‘waste’ time, to segregate ourselves and to become what we are called to be.